E7's "Journey to JSM"

Excellent service experience is critical for customer satisfaction and loyalty. Atlassian's Jira Service Management (JSM) is a platform that enables companies to provide excellent customer service. E7's "Journey to JSM" (J2J) program has been built to quickly and strategically leverage JSM. Benefits often include:

  • A reduction in service requests and a decrease in resolution time

  • Improved end-user productivity

  • Retiring expensive, complex legacy systems

  • Increased visibility and consistency in team performance

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Achieving More Than Cost Savings:

Total Wine's Remarkable Success with JSM

Dive into their journey for a deeper understanding of how Total Wine's strategic implementation of Jira Service Management transcended mere cost savings

“E7 Solutions gave Total Wine a framework to start. We didn’t have to guess what our first step was...The value E7 Solutions added was they were able to understand our requirements. They could translate our needs and give us options around it.”

Lakeith Anderson
Technical Program Manager, Total Wine

Journey to JSM Packages E7’s “Journey to JSM” (also known as “J2J”) is built to get your team into JSM with all the guesswork removed. Packages have been sized to fit clients of all sizes.

BASIC ($20K)

  • 1 JSM Instance
  • 1 - 10 Agents
  • 2 Marketplace Apps


  • 1 JSM Instance
  • 11 - 25 Agents
  • 3 Marketplace Apps

LARGE* ($65K)

  • 1 JSM Instance
  • 26-100 Agents
  • 4 Marketplace Apps

*For JSM instances that exceed 100 Agents, please contact us for pricing.

What's Included Each J2J Package includes:

Features Overview

Onboarding and Project Kickoff

E7 will collaborate closely with your teams to understand your goals and challenges. Together, we will develop a strategic plan that outlines the steps and milestones for achieving the desired outcomes. E7 will also identify the required tools and resources necessary to support the execution of the plan and ensure a smooth and effective engagement.

Assessment and Planning

E7 will conduct a thorough assessment of your current situation and identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement. We’ll give you clear and actionable recommendations on how to achieve your objectives, based on industry best practices and our expert analysis. You’ll get a comprehensive report that includes scorecards, roadmaps, timelines, and detailed explanations of our findings and suggestions.

Environment Prep

Before we proceed with the implementation phase, E7 will take care of all the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth and successful transition. This involves creating and configuring the JSM instance, adding and testing the relevant Marketplace Apps, and confirming that the requirements are fully met and approved by the stakeholders.


E7 will build and fine-tune your JSM instance and the Marketplace Apps that enhance its functionality. This involves creating and configuring service projects that cover different aspects of your service delivery (such as SLAs, incidents, service requests, problems, etc) and designing your help center/ portal to match your brand identity and customer expectations.


E7 will deliver a training session for your Admins to help them get familiar with the features and capabilities of the new JSM Portal. The training will cover topics such as how to manage service projects, how to customize the help center/ portal, and how to use Marketplace Apps. The goal of the training is to enable your Admins to leverage the full potential of the new JSM Portal and improve their service delivery.


E7 is committed to ensuring your team’s success in the go-live event. Once we achieve this milestone, we will continue to offer our assistance and guidance if you face any issues or difficulties along the way.

Throughout the Engagement

E7 includes Project Management and Strategic Guidance services to ensure a smooth and successful project. We will also act as your advocates and liaise with Atlassian and/or Marketplace vendors to help you overcome any challenges or issues you may encounter.

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