Exciting Announcements Unveiled at Atlassian Team 24


Atlassian's Team 24 recently showcased an array of groundbreaking announcements, promising to revolutionize collaborative workflows for businesses worldwide. From enhanced cloud capabilities to cutting-edge AI integration, the event was brimming with innovations designed to empower teams and drive productivity. Let's delve into the highlights of the event and explore the game-changing features unveiled by Atlassian.

Cloud Evolution

Atlassian's dedication to improving the cloud experience for customers was evident at the event. With improvements being released every 5-6 minutes, the cloud platform has become more robust and efficient, catering to the evolving needs of modern businesses. Atlassian announced that they can now support 150k users per Confluence Cloud site.

Teams Empowerment

Central to Atlassian's vision is the concept of teams, unified by shared goals, knowledge, and progress. Atlassian introduced three main projects to fortify team collaboration:

  1. Jira: Atlassian announced System of Work with the merger of Jira Work Management (JWM) and Jira Software (JSW) into the new and improved Jira, which promises a streamlined experience for all users. Additionally, the introduction of spreadsheet-like views in Jira lists enhances data visualization, slated for rollout in the coming months.

  2. Confluence: A cornerstone of shared knowledge, Confluence introduces an online whiteboard for brainstorming sessions. AI capabilities analyze customer feedback across Jira and Confluence, categorizing and grouping similar ideas for easy management. Furthermore, Confluence databases now facilitate real-time updates, offering a novel card view for enhanced organization.

  3. Loom: Loom excels in asynchronous communication, allowing teams to publish weekly updates effortlessly. AI-driven enhancements clean up recordings, ensuring seamless communication across the organization.

Atlassian University Goes Free

In a move to democratize learning, Atlassian University is now accessible to all users free of charge, empowering teams with essential skills and knowledge.

Discovery and Build

Atlassian introduced new tools to streamline product discovery and development processes. Features like goals, prioritization based on impact, unified road-mapping, and AI integration facilitate efficient idea execution and project management.

Run and Protect

Focusing on operational excellence and security, Atlassian unveiled enhancements to streamline service management and bolster cybersecurity measures. Virtual agents, automation, and AI-driven threat detection promise to optimize operations and safeguard organizational assets.

Atlassian ROVO

A groundbreaking addition to Atlassian's ecosystem, ROVO is a large knowledge model designed to empower organizations with comprehensive insights and efficient search capabilities. ROVO's advanced AI features enable seamless navigation across cloud applications while ensuring data privacy and adherence to permissions. ROVO revolves around three pillars of teamwork: helping teams find and connect with their work, helping those teams learn and then helping them take action. Dive in to learn more about Atlassian Rovo.

Agents for Enhanced Productivity

Included in Atlassian intelligence, Atlassian introduced a suite of intelligent agents tailored to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. From content curation to backlog prioritization and feature flag management, these agents promise to automate repetitive tasks and drive efficiency across the organization.

AI for Operations Teams

Atlassian is revolutionizing incident management for operations teams through a suite of AIOps capabilities, aimed at enhancing detection, resolution, and prevention of incidents with greater efficiency.

Alert Grouping (Beta)

We're introducing alert grouping, a beta feature enabling teams to swiftly surface critical alerts and detect incidents faster with AI. This functionality empowers teams to group similar alerts, escalate them based on impact, and harness AI to extract insights from past alerts.

Explore how to leverage Atlassian Intelligence for alert grouping.

Upcoming AIOps Capabilities

In the remainder of 2024, we're excited to unveil additional capabilities, extending the power of Atlassian Intelligence to your incident management workflows:

  • PIR Generation: Utilizing AI, PIR generation automates post-incident review documentation, swiftly capturing all pertinent details to facilitate sharing of insights and prevent future incidents.

  • Alert Suppression: AI-driven alert suppression optimizes notifications, prioritizing high-priority alerts for quicker identification and action, thus reducing noise and enhancing response efficacy.

  • Incident Communications: Leveraging AI, incident communications provide stakeholders with clear, concise summaries, expediting decision-making during critical incidents.

  • Incident Investigation: Operations teams benefit from AI-driven context for faster and more effective incident resolution, surfacing related incidents and suggesting relevant resources.

Stay tuned to Atlassian’s Cloud roadmap for updates on feature availability, or join our AIOps waitlist to be among the first to experience these capabilities.

Note: In order to leverage the full potential of these AIOps capabilities, your team must adopt the Streamlined Incident Management UI experience in Jira Service Management. This ensures seamless integration and maximized efficiency. For more details, please read this post.


Atlassian Team 24 showcased a plethora of innovations poised to redefine collaboration and productivity in the digital age. With a strong emphasis on cloud evolution, AI integration, and user empowerment, Atlassian continues to pave the way for transformative change in the realm of teamwork and enterprise solutions. As businesses embrace these cutting-edge tools and technologies, they embark on a journey towards greater efficiency, innovation, and success.

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