Atlassian Team 24 Announcements: Unleashing the Power of AI with Rovo


Atlassian, the renowned software company, made significant announcements during its Team '24 conference in Las Vegas. These announcements revolve around the launch of Atlassian Rovo, a powerful AI assistant designed to enhance teamwork, streamline workflows, and unlock enterprise knowledge. With Rovo, Atlassian aims to revolutionize the way teams work by harnessing the potential of generative AI and providing a comprehensive solution for knowledge discovery, collaboration, and action.

Introducing Atlassian Rovo: Your Knowledge Discovery Companion

At the heart of Atlassian Rovo lies a large knowledge model that empowers organizations and knowledge workers. Rovo acts as a knowledge discovery product, enabling teams to find, learn, and act upon information efficiently. With the increasing complexity of enterprise systems and the proliferation of SaaS tools, finding relevant information has become a challenge. Rovo addresses this issue by aggregating data from first-party and third-party tools, making it easily accessible through a powerful AI-powered search tool.

Rovo Search is a game-changer for teams seeking information across various data sources. It goes beyond traditional search functions by providing contextual and relevant results, regardless of where the data is stored or its format. Rovo Search can access not only Atlassian's own products like Jira and Confluence but also integrates with popular tools such as Google Drive, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, GitHub, Slack, and Figma. This integration ensures that teams can find the exact information they need, even if it is spread across multiple platforms.

Learn: Gaining Deeper Insights with AI-Driven Knowledge Cards

With Rovo, teams can gain a deeper understanding of their company's data through AI-driven insights and knowledge cards. Knowledge cards provide in-context snapshots of specific information, including project details, goals, new team members, and more. These cards are generated based on the organization's enterprise data and continuously evolve as more data is added to the Atlassian teamwork graph. Rovo's AI-powered learning capabilities help teams uncover critical insights, clarify company jargon, and understand complex acronyms across all company knowledge.

Act: Empowering Workflows with Virtual Teammates

One of the most exciting aspects of Atlassian Rovo is the introduction of Rovo Agents, which are virtual teammates that transform teamwork. Rovo Agents have the ability to synthesize large volumes of enterprise data, break down complex tasks, and partner with human teammates to make critical decisions. These agents can generate, review, and refine content, automate tasks, answer questions, recommend best practices, and streamline workflows. The best part is that anyone can build these agents using a natural language interface, eliminating the need for programming skills.

Leveraging Atlassian's Cloud Teamwork Graph

Atlassian Rovo is built upon Atlassian's cloud teamwork graph, which serves as the foundation for Atlassian Intelligence → link to new ai article. This graph brings together data from Atlassian's products and various third-party SaaS tools, enabling Rovo to access a comprehensive view of an organization's goals, knowledge, teams, and work. With each new tool connection, team action, and project event, the teamwork graph expands its knowledge, delivering increasingly relevant results.

Customization and Integration for Enterprise Efficiency

Atlassian understands that every organization has unique needs and custom tools. That's why Rovo is designed to be highly customizable and integrable. Enterprises can build their own connectors to include niche and home-grown apps, ensuring that Rovo can access all the necessary data sources. Atlassian itself has built connectors for its internal developer documentation, saving developers valuable time by making documentation easily accessible through Rovo.

Maintaining Security and Privacy

As organizations handle sensitive data, security and privacy are of utmost importance. Atlassian has taken extensive measures to ensure that Rovo respects access permissions and maintains data privacy. Search results are personalized and contextual, ensuring that employees only see the information they are supposed to see. Administrators have full control over the enablement of search connectors and data access, ensuring that data remains secure.

The Power of Conversational Chat

Rovo doesn't stop at search and knowledge cards; it also offers a conversational chat experience. Using retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), Rovo can provide customized answers based on the vast amount of data it has access to. While large language models like RAG are susceptible to hallucinations, Rovo ensures trustworthiness by citing sources and providing interactive previews whenever possible.

The Future of Teamwork: Virtual Teammates

Atlassian envisions a future where teammates work alongside virtual teammates, the Rovo Agents. These agents are designed to enhance collaboration and productivity by automating tasks, providing insights, and streamlining workflows. Rovo Agents bring specialized knowledge and skills to a wide variety of processes, making them invaluable assets to any team. With multiple agents available out-of-the-box and the ability to create bespoke agents using Atlassian's no-code text interface or Forge app development platform, teams have the flexibility to tailor Rovo Agents to their specific needs.

Join the Rovo Revolution

Atlassian Rovo is already in use by select customers, and the company is committed to partnering with customers and partners to shape the future of teamwork. During the Team '24 conference, Atlassian invited teams to join the waitlist for Rovo, offering them the opportunity to be part of this exciting project. By harnessing the power of generative AI, Atlassian is set to transform the way teams work, enabling them to find, learn, and act on information more efficiently than ever before.


Atlassian's Team '24 conference unveiled the groundbreaking AI assistant, Atlassian Rovo, that is set to revolutionize enterprise workflows. With its powerful search capabilities, AI-driven knowledge cards, and virtual teammates in the form of Rovo Agents, Atlassian is empowering teams to find, learn, and act on information with unprecedented efficiency. By leveraging the cloud teamwork graph and enabling customization and integration, Rovo ensures that organizations can access the full potential of their data sources. Join the Rovo revolution and unlock the power of AI in your enterprise workflows.

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