Building Together: E7 Solutions' Commitment to Community


On May 18, 2024, E7 Solutions was honored to participate in Habitat for Humanity’s “Women Build” in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Since 1991, Habitat’s Women Build volunteers have come together to build stronger, safer communities. A central goal of the program is to empower women to help families build strength, stability and independence. The volunteer days provide opportunities for hands-on learning, power tools included! With a robust team of 12 volunteers, all employees and friends of E7, the group made real progress in the build process, and E7’s sponsorship helped the program towards its $75,000 seasonal fundraising goal. E7 staff who attended the event were Alisz Hatch, Adrianne White, Misty Ontiveros and Ana Galofre Smith. It was a beautiful, warm day in southeast Michigan, and some folks traveled as far as an hour away to participate in the nearly 8-hour Saturday workday with their colleagues.

“This is E7’s second year participating in Habitat’s Women Build and it is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s such a great way to learn new skills, problem-solve, bond with my fellow teammates away from work, and give back to this wonderful community. This year we installed windows and I had absolutely no idea what went into that before last week. It is a complex, physical process and our team was able to install 10 start to finish in walls that were solid when we arrived! I’m grateful that Edmond, our CEO, continues to support and sponsor these build days and we are already looking forward to our next build day.”

- Ana Galofre Smith, Principal Consultant for E7 and a Habitat Women Build team lead.






The Impact of Volunteering on the Community and Company Culture

Volunteering has a profound impact on both the community and company culture. When companies like E7 Solutions actively participate in community initiatives, they create a positive ripple effect. Moreover, volunteering strengthens company culture by fostering a sense of unity, shared values, and a commitment to making a difference. This volunteer opportunity truly reflects many of E7’s core values, which are not simply verbiage posted on the wall but are genuinely central to E7’s company culture.

E7's Core Values

A Glimpse into the Women's Build Event

Building homes. Securing futures. Strengthening communities. Women Build opportunities are available across the U.S., and any woman or person who wants to learn how to build or repair a home is invited to join. The Women Build event organized by Habitat for Humanity provides a unique volunteering experience, allowing women to come together and lend a helping hand to families in need. Volunteers engage in various construction tasks, such as framing, painting, and landscaping, to create safe and affordable housing for families in need. No prior building experience is required! The Women Build event fosters a sense of camaraderie and empowerment among the volunteers, as they work together to build a better future for local families.



“We are honored to have E7 Solutions join us for Women Build in support of women empowering women. Their support helps us take a proactive step in providing affordable housing, especially for women of low- to mid-income in our community. Their volunteer support helps keep our program expenses low, while their funding support helps keep our program affordable for families who need it most. We are so grateful for the support of E7 Solutions!”

-Leah Tessman, Director of Grants, Corporate & Faith Giving, Habitat for Humanity Huron Valley


About E7

Rewarding volunteer experiences is just one of the reasons E7 Solutions is a multi-year winner of Crain’s Top 100 Best Places to work! E7 is a Michigan-based Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner that guides growth-minded companies through digital transformation. We are focused on improving collaboration, productivity, and efficiency. As transformation enablers, E7 is highly specialized in all aspects of service management and platform migrations. Learn more at


How Can Other Companies Get Involved with Habitat for Humanity?

To get involved with Habitat for Humanity, other companies can explore various options, including volunteering at build sites, sponsoring homes, and engaging in community service projects. By partnering with Habitat for Humanity, companies can contribute to their corporate responsibility goals while making a positive impact in the local community through volunteer opportunities. Please go to to find out more.