Unveiling Atlassian's System of Work: Insights from Atlassian Team 24


At the recent Atlassian Team 24 Conference, a pivotal moment in the realm of collaborative work unfolded as Atlassian unveiled its groundbreaking System of Work. This innovative approach aims to revolutionize how teams align their efforts with organizational goals and track progress seamlessly. Let's dive into the session notes to uncover the core components and transformative potential of this new system.

Aligning Goals Across the Business

Atlassian recognizes the critical importance of aligning goals across all facets of the business. To facilitate this alignment, the new Goal Directory provides a centralized platform for inputting goals, eliminating the need for additional licenses. This democratization of goal-setting ensures that every team and individual can contribute to and align with the overarching objectives of the organization.

Atlassian Home: A Central Hub

Atlassian Home emerges as a central hub within the System of Work, integrating various tools and functionalities crucial for effective collaboration. Serving as a gateway to the Atlassian ecosystem, Atlassian Home ensures seamless access to critical resources, fostering cohesion and efficiency across teams.

Planning and Tracking Across Teams

The complexity of modern work environments demands a unified approach to planning and tracking work across diverse teams. Jira emerges as the linchpin of this endeavor, merging Jira Work Management (JWM) and Jira Software (JSW) together to provide a single source of truth for planning and tracking work. With clear dependencies and prioritization features, Jira empowers teams to streamline workflows and focus on delivering value.

Unleashing Knowledge

A cornerstone of the System of Work lies in its ability to unleash knowledge across the organization. Whether it's documenting processes, leveraging whiteboards for brainstorming sessions, or utilizing Confluence databases for information storage, Atlassian emphasizes the importance of building and sharing knowledge in a cohesive fashion. Asynchronous communication tools like Loom further facilitate knowledge sharing, ensuring that insights are captured and disseminated effectively.

Harnessing Knowledge for Success

The true power of the System of Work lies in its ability to harness knowledge and make it readily available in the right context. Tools like Rovo enable teams to access relevant information effortlessly, empowering them to make informed decisions and drive results. By leveraging the Teamwork Graph, coupled with advanced analytics and automation capabilities, organizations can unlock the full potential of their collective knowledge. → link to our Rovo blog

Enterprise Infrastructure for Performance and Scale

Atlassian's System of Work is underpinned by a robust enterprise infrastructure designed to deliver optimal performance and scale. With a keen focus on performance and scalability, Atlassian ensures that the System of Work remains agile and responsive, capable of meeting the evolving needs of businesses of all sizes.


In conclusion, the Atlassian System of Work introduced at the Atlassian Team 24 represents a quantum leap forward in how organizations approach collaboration, goal alignment, and knowledge management. By providing a unified platform for goal-setting, planning, and knowledge sharing, Atlassian empowers teams to work more efficiently and effectively towards shared objectives. As businesses navigate an increasingly complex and dynamic landscape, embracing innovative solutions like the Atlassian System of Work will undoubtedly be key to driving success in the digital age. Please refer to our article for further details on Atlassian's Team 24 announcements

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