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Cloud Migrations are a great investment for those looking to kickstart their digital transformation - but they can be overwhelming and messy without the right support. As a Platinum Solutions Partner and back-to-back winning Cloud Partner of the Year, E7 will assure you you're in good hands. Our FREE assessment is your fast pass into a seamless, successful Cloud Migration!

Watch the video above to hear Pam and Sarah explain E7's Cloud Migration Assessment, or skim the transcription below:

Video Transcription

Sarah (00:08):

Hey Pam, how are you?

Pam (00:10):

Hey Sarah, doing well today. How are you?

Sarah (00:12):

I'm good. Thanks. It's good to see you.

Pam (00:14):

Good to see you too.

Sarah (00:16):

Well, thanks for jumping on the call.

Sarah (00:19):

Yeah, we've made it a long way into our cloud series so far. So I know we talked about in the beginning was considering the cloud migration, and getting into one of those benefits, and having a partner, and helping a customer with that. And then we got into a little bit about the costs and what some of those major concerns are for customers interested in making that move to the cloud. And then our last discussion that we had, we had talked about the free migration assessment that we offer here at E7, so I was wondering if we could talk a little bit about that as well as one of the benefits and why we offer that as a service at E7.

Pam (00:53):

Sure. I think that's a good idea. So the initial assessment is a really important first step in the cloud migration. We have, as we talked about before, a six step proven process that we guide the customer through every step of the way. We develop right from the get go a project team consisting of Atlassian resources, the E7 team, and then the customer team, and we help guide through that entire process and conversation. But it all starts with an assessment, and there's no charge for the assessment. So it gives the customer a really good level set on if they even want to move forward with the cloud migration or not.

Pam (01:33):

And so in this assessment we evaluate a number of different things. The type of licenses the customer has, the size and the complexity of the environment. We do use a complexity matrix, I think I shared with you before, to understand exactly what's in the customer environment to determine how long the process of migrating to the cloud will take and what the resource requirements will be. And that's really something that's beneficial to our clients in evaluating a move to cloud. We also look at their applications, their marketplace, and their third party apps to ensure that that functionality can move with the app into the cloud. And if there're situations where apps have not been transitioned to cloud, we look for work arounds or alternative approaches, and we help customers with that.

Pam (02:24):

We help them identify their security requirements and their compliance requirements to make sure that the applications can run appropriately in the cloud, and that they're not going to have any security or risk concerns. We help them with a cost assessment. And we have a total cost of ownership calculator that we'll walk through with the client so they can see exactly what they need in terms of a budget to move forward. We help them evaluate their cloud products and make sure that the Atlassian cloud environment is really the best fit for them. And then finally, just to walk through the process of what that migration plan is going to be to make sure we can deliver it on time, on budget, with all of the things that are involved around testing, and migration, and workflows to make sure that goes as smooth as possible. And we do this all up front and it's no charge to the customer. So it is a great place to start.

Sarah (03:21):

That's awesome. Yeah. It sounds like a really guided, transparent process for them.

Pam (03:25):

Yes, it is. Absolutely.

Sarah (03:27):

That's great. And then as far as obviously our main goal at E7 is to enhance the philosophy of information for our clients. So being able to make that happen for them not only helps us succeed, but it helps the client succeed, which is our major goal here. So again, it's great that we have that migration assessment offered for free. I know we mentioned in past videos that Atlassian is offering the loyalty discounts right now. So on top of having a free migration assessment, they also get those discounts with the loyalty program.

Pam (03:57):

Yes. Yeah. The most important thing is that we help our customers to continue to focus on their core business and revenue generating activities to make them as successful and profitable as possible. That's really our goal is customer success at the end of the day.

Sarah (04:12):

That's awesome. That's great. Well, we obviously encourage people to reach out to E7, so you can contact Pam or visit our website here at e7solutions.com. Pam, I greatly appreciate you working on me with the series and look forward to the next call we have together.

Pam (04:26):

Thanks, it was great to see you.

Sarah (04:28):

It's good to see you too, Pam.

Pam (04:30):


Sarah (04:30):


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