Atlassian Cloud Migration with Rockwell Automation


Rockwell Automation is focused on making the world more intelligent, connected, and productive for their customers, which is why migrating to the cloud just made sense.

Rockwell Automation's migration to the Atlassian cloud with the help of E7 Solutions and Atlassian has revolutionized their processes for their next century in business. Through a comprehensive analysis of their server-based engineering tools and the responsibilities of team members, Rockwell Automation's function has been transformed into a more modernized and efficient process. The migration has brought about significant improvements in various aspects of the organization, including security, quality, cost, and time. With E7 Solutions and Atlassian's expertise, Rockwell Automation has successfully navigated the cloud journey and is now well-equipped to tackle any challenges that come their way. Whether you are considering moving from server to the cloud or have already started building a workspace on the cloud, E7 Solutions is here to help. Contact us to learn more and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Click here to read the full Rockwell case study.

Are you thinking about moving from server to the Cloud? Have you already started building a workspace on Cloud but still have some questions or concerns about settling in? E7 is here to help. Check out this great video about the cloud journey or contact us to learn more.